Welcome to EMMAUS Christian Church

Are You ready to live your dreams? Are You ready to live a BOLDLY BETTER LIFE...We Can Show You How!

Service Times

Sunday Worship Celebration @ 10:30a

Thursday Better U Night @ 7:00p

Our Leadership

Dr. Henzy Green, Senior Pastor/Founder

Pastor Henzy Green is an anointed man of God who shares a powerful life-affirming message that emphasizes personal relationship with Jesus Christ and practical application of God’s Word. Pastor Henzy’s penetrating, uncomplicated, straight-forward style seems to touch each person as if he is speaking directly to them. Pastor Henzy is a “simplifier.” He takes complex concepts and breaks them down so they are easily accessible and practical. His dedication is to help people live the fullness of their creation and maximize their life’s experiences.

Pastor Henzy believes every person is created with a specific purpose in the mind of God. He has accepted his assignment as a “Spiritual Middaddy” (Male midwife) helping people to give birth to their God given dreams and fulfill their purpose. Pastor Henzy Green is truly a man after God’s own heart.

Nicole Green, Executive Director/First Lady

Lady Nicole is a multi-faceted Woman of God that loves the Lord and lives life to the fullest. Nicole is the 1st Lady of Emmaus Christian Church, A powerful Preacher/Teacher, TV & Radio Host/Producer, Entertainment Industry Executive, and Business Woman. Nicole’s love of people and life transcends all of her different positions. She has the ability to relate to a wide spectrum of people. She truly believes “you can have and do it all!” Her energetic and infectious personality captivates audiences. After a few moments in her presence, Nicole’s zest for life is clearly recognizable. Nicole is the “Faith Chick.” She has overcome the odds by using the GOD kind of faith to live the promises of GOD. Her goal is to encourage people to become their “BEST ME.” She lives an unapologetic lifestyle focused on pleasing GOD.